Poems by Weldon Rinn

I hope that you are encouraged by the heart-felt talent of a friend from Virden.

If you are encouraged by it, please give him a call and let him know.

Ode to a Friend


You have been called away from us
and quietly you left one night
Though you go to some place better
it doesn't seem fair or right


The Lord must have His reasons
for needing you up on high
He beckoned and you answered
now this, my friend, is good-bye


Your time here seemed so short
but your legacy will live forever
True are now gone
you'll be forgotten never


Friends and family find it difficult
to smile and be brave
Your passing causes great sorrow
but a lifetime of happiness you gave


Time will ease the hurting
we know this to be true
Pain and heartache will be forgotten
but shall we miss you


Go softly now my friend
heaven's gates are open wide
Trumpets and a choir of angels
wait to welcome you inside

(by Weldon Rinn)