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  1. Don't Give Up
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Don't give up, even though you're very weary
I know that you've pleaded with the Lord
Don't give up, even though you just can't seem to see your way
The Lord said blessed be the one who endures

Sometimes it's hard to see the path that's heading home
When the darkness comes to test your faith
And make your foot steps sway
Yes it's hard to keep on living, loving, laboring for the King
Just remember He died for you
And even though it's dark right now, His light will shine on you
In just a little while

Don't give in, to the godless pressures squeezing in on you
You try hard to do your job, as honest as can be
Don't give in, when they come along, and cast doubt on your faith
The Lord will call you home some day, and say well done son


I say rejoice in all your suffering for it's written
Don't let those seeds of despair take root in you
I say rejoice, be of good courage, for the Lord is coming soon
To take us home and rid us of our fleshly carnal ways