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  1. Life With Jesus
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(Verse 1)
O the sand and the surf, are wonderful things
While on the isle of Hawaii
The coconuts sway, and the children play
Blue skies as far as you can see
But there's no greater thing, than holding the hand
Of Jesus wherever you go
Just knowing He loves you wherever you roam
At sea, or back here at home

I'm telling you life, with Jesus, is better than a Tahitian treat
The sun, it shines brighter, your highs are much higher
Even blues hold a promise of His love
Life, with Jesus, is better than a day at the beach
The wind of God blowing, and you ever knowing
That His love's ever flowing in your heart

(Verse 2)
It's more than a dream, that some make it seem
This life that I'm singing about
You have to believe, and ripe to receive
All the truth that His Word says of you
The Word of God says, if you believe in your heart
And confess with your tongue you'll be saved
That's the promise of God, to all who believe
And eternal life from that moment on