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Moon light, star shine, bullfrogs in the creek
Smell of, fresh cut clover, fire flies in the air
Knowin, that tomorrow, will be just the same
Peaceful easy feeling, feeling right at home

There's just somethin 'bout the country, you can't explain
Makes you feel like nothin matters, cause nothin does
When I'm feeling tense and worried, I go headin for the hills
Cause there's somethin 'bout the country, that soothes the troubled soul

Roamin, in the meadows, crickets sing their love songs
Gophers, a they scamper, amidst the noon day sun
Knowin, that tomorrow, will be just the same
Peaceful, easy felling, feelin right at home


Time and time again, I go back
To the place I love the most, and remember
All the people, and the places, that made me feel alive
Back in the country, is where my heart belongs
Cause there's somethin 'bout the country
That soothes, the trouble soul