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I have wandered, many a highway
Just because I wondered what was at the end
Just my wondering, has led me to wander
To satisfy this curiosity
And my wandering, has led me places
That I might have been too scared to go alone
So I wonder, as I wander
What makes a man to walk this road I'm on

I met a woman, while on this journey
And two darling souls who walk along with me
And the journey, that we have taken
Has been a fascination to my heart
How that God would, keep us safely
Through the many distant places we have been
By His mercy, life is pleasant
As we walk along this road we're on

There's still time to, walk a few more highways
By God's grace we'll be kept safe as at the first
But the time will, come to finish
The last mile when we'll arrive at last at home
Oh the joy that, will be ours
When we see our Lord, come face to face
We'll be welcomed, with arms wide open
As we finish this old road, that we're on
Soon we'll finish this old road, that we're on