1. Old Friend
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Old friend, I haven't seen you in a while
Old friend, we've both covered many miles
Old friend, I sure do miss your smile
Old friend, sure has been a while

I remember, all the fun we used to have, on the creek beds
I remember, all those stitches, in your head
We lived, so many adventures in that old tree house
We screamed and danced around, when we both saw the mouse


I truly hope that time has been kind to you
How's the fam'ly, what, oh no, I don't mind
Everybody sheds a tear or two, every now and then
How long has she been gone, I forget, I'm so sorry


Who, oh yes I remember him well
I heard, he travels far and wide, he's really doing well
Yes, I do, I remember her well; top of the class
But no, I haven't heard the news; so sorry for her loss

Old friend, it's been so good to talk again
Old friend, we'll have to do this once again
Old friend, it's great to see you for a while
Old friend, it's good to see your smile
Old friend, it's been so good, to see you smile