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(Verse 1)
Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the light
There's no way to heaven but through Me"
No one else has made that claim in all the days of man
I believe He's who He said He is

(Verse 2)
He backed it up with signs and wonders from His holy hands
But skeptics walked away in wonderment
Even after they had hung Him dead upon a cross
He rose up from the grave in three days hence

He is, The King of heaven, He is The Son of God
He is, as He has spoken
He is The Way, The truth, The light of day

(Verse 3)
For two thousand years He's been the same as He was then
To heal the sick and those who were blind
Truly He has come and He has set the captives free
Those whom they desire to be set free

(Verse 4)
Still He touches people just the same as way back when
To heal the sick and those who are blind
Daily He is working hard, to set the captives free
Won't you come to Him and be set free