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I am so glad, that Jesus loves me, Jesus loves even me

(Verse 1)
I used to run the hills naked and scared
Screaming, and cutting myself; so afraid
They tried to catch me and hold me in chains
Somehow I snapped them in all of my pain

(Bridge 1)
How I'd arrived at this point in my life
I lost my friends, my fam'ly, my wife
What had possessed me to do what I'd done
Living so far from the warmth of the sun

(Verse 2)
I cried to God, and then He heard my plea
He sent His Son, and then He set me free
Now I'm possessed by a hope so divine
Eternal salvation I know now is mine

(Bridge 2)
Now I sit fully clothed; strangely at rest
In wonder of mind I'm so happy and blessed
So very thankful, and happy to be
In love with Jesus, cause Jesus loves me
I'm in love with Jesus 'cause Jesus loves me

I am so glad, that Jesus loves me; Jesus loves even me