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  1. Until Then
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Everyday I'm waitin for the Lord's return; today more than most
Headlines full of dis-heartening news
That vex my troubled soul
No matter where I look around, there's war on every side
Can't you hear the trumpets warming up; they're just about to sound

But until then, I'll keep on singing out your praise
Until then, I'll keep on singing; hands up-raised
Until then, I'll keep on living for my King
Until then, I'll praise Your name

Everyday I see the family torn apart, more and more
Children facing horrors, that none should have to face
People making decisions, without a thought, to what God wants
Then wonder at the outcome, why they failed again


Don't let satan steal your joy; don't let his sadness in
Don't, let satan dim your light, sing a song of praise
Don't, let satan kill that gift, that lies inside of you
You tell him to wait, tell him to wait until then


Until then, I'll praise Your name