1. Hooked


There was a time in my life, when I wandered aimlessly, afraid of tomorrow, in fear of yesterday
But something happened to me, that changed my life forever
I caught a glimpse of Jesus; that was it for me

I was hooked; I had to have my Saviour
I was hooked; I had to have my Lord
I was hooked; I had to follow Jesus
Where He went, I was sure to go

Ever since that fateful day, I have been so happy
No worries of tomorrow, and none of yesterday
I've been walking hand in hand, with my loving Saviour
Trusting in His promises, to stay close by my side

I am hooked; I've go to have my Saviour
I, yes I'm hooked; I've got to have my Lord
I'm, so very hooked; I've got to follow Jesus
Where He goes, I am sure to go

Come and meet my Jesus; you'll be hooked forever
Let Him come into your heart, and you'll be satisfied
You'll be satisfied