Sharing the heart of Father God in song

Warmest greetings to one and all!

My name is Trevor Toews, and I love to sing about God's love and truths as found in the Bible, and the life-changing events that have occurred in my life over the years as Father God has touched me and made Himself real to me.

I was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and was raised in various locations through-out Manitoba.

There are over 150 songs on this site so far; 135 +/- which are of my own composition, and the rest which are either hymns that I have come to love, or from other artists who have graciously granted me permission to record their songs.

It is my hope and prayer that you will be drawn into a real and intimate relationship with Father God as you listen to these songs.

A number of my songs and albums have been nominated for various awards since i began this journey.

I offer these songs for free because there are people in my life whom God has given me a heart to help out; whether here in Canada or in various places around the world. If you could help out with a donation of any amount, through an e-transfer, it would be much appreciated. My email address to send it to is <):)