Sharing the heart of Father God in song

Warmest greetings to one and all!

My name is Trevor Toews.

I was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. and was raised in various locations through-out Manitoba. Presently, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I love to sing about God's love and truths as found in the Bible, and the life-changing events that have occurred in my life over the years as Father God has touched me and made Himself real to me.

Presently, there are 190 songs on my site; 175 +/- which are of my own composition, and the rest which are either hymns that I have come to love, or from other artists who have graciously granted me permission to record their songs.

It is my hope and prayer that you will be drawn into a real and intimate relationship with Father God as you listen to these songs.

A number of my songs and albums have been nominated for various awards since i began this journey; some of them being the Country Gospel Music Association of Canada, and Drooble.

I offer these songs for free simply because God told me to, but if the Lord puts it in your heart to help out financially, I would appreciate your kind-hearted support. You can send any amount through a bank e-transfer, or just send it to my email address:    There is also a "tip jar" that you can contribute to on my song page. :)

May the good Lord continue to bless and guide you and yours. <):)