The Word Becoming Flesh

All Christians know the Scripture from John 1:14.

We know that John was explicitly referring to Jesus The Christ; that He was the Word of God who had become the EXACT representation of Father God in the flesh, but I do believe that it carries with it a further and just as weighty an implication - US.

While reading through this passage a couple of weeks ago, I believe that The Holy Spirit spoke this Word to me.

As Jesus submitted wholly to the Word of God, He came the total physical representation of Father God before all men, women, children, animals, and ALL of creation that we all need.

He submitted 100% to Father God, and thus became 100% like Him in all aspects.

To the extent that we submit to and obey, like Jesus, each of us are meant to be a "reasonable facsmilie" of Father God to the fallen world around us.

I believe that this is one of the main "talents" that each of us will be judged on when we stand before Jesus at the time of the Christians' judgement.

I am not intending to heap condemnation upon anybody as I say this.

Although some could take it this way, I am desiring to hold out the hope that each of us has this golden opportunity to become just like Jesus, and thus just like Father God, amongst our family members, our friends, and those whom we live amongst each day of our journey through this wilderness.

It is in this state that we can be surrounded by the "peace that passes all understanding;" as found in Philippians 4:7.

It is in this state of faith that we can truly please Father God and be ready at a moment's notice to cross that river that we sing about and refer to as our earthly lives are exchanged for the eternal life that we have been promised and look forward to.

I honestly don't believe that Jesus became that exact representation of Father God instantly.

I believe that He "grew in stature and favour with God" as He grew in life, and as He immersed Himself in the then known Word of God. I do believe that what we read in the New Testament is that story; a representation of how we too can grow in stature and favour with Father God as we immerse ourselves in His written Word for sure, and then in His spoken word as we immerse ourselves in His sweet presence,

It is there where we will experience the words of Isaiah 30:21 for ourselves. We will be in the exact place, spiritually,  where Jesus was; to commune with Father God.  I want to be in that place, where the Word is made flesh.

How about you? <);)

A Word For the Weary

Sacrifice Lamb

All through the Old Testament, there is talk of the lambs required for the sacrifices in Jerusalem.
Since anybody in Israel can remember, the sacrifice lambs have always been born in Bethlehem.
It is not just coincidence that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem.
He was born to be God's precious sacrifice lamb; who was sacrificed once and for all for your sin and my sin.

Guaranteed Fresh Start to Your Life

I got to thinking the other day why so many people feel that they are stuck in the grip of sinful tendencies.  

Then it was as if the Lord reminded me of the very start of my Christian walk.  

I remembered a precious saint, Pastor Dwight P. Brown, who was used tremendously of the Lord to help establish a path for me that kept me from, and keeps me to this day, out of many a sinful practise.  

He recommended that I renounce absolutely everything of my family past; generational sins and curses, practises that may even be considered OK but not the Lord's best for my life, and even present sinful practises that I was involved in at that time.  

Now, it is not that my parents were evil or bad, but there were a few "skeletons in the closet" that they may or may not have dealt with when they came to faith in Jesus. They were awesome folks for always trying to steer us kids to the Lord.Thank you so much for that mom and dad. :)  

Then He recommended that I immerse - I said IMMERSE - myself in the Bible; where God could then imprint exactly what He had in mind, into my mind and my spirit, for the life that He had planned for me.  

I have not lived a perfect life since then, but I can guarantee you that I would not be in the solid secure place that I am in today if I had not done that. All that helped me to be earnest about Matthew 5:48.  

I don't care what Christian faith back-ground you have come from.  

If you want a life that is considerably free from vice(s), you should seriously need to consider these steps.  

If you are looking for someone to pray for you as you desire to step into this fresh start, please email me and I will definitely pray for you. (  

Another thing that he and other awesome men of God did for me, and recommended that I do, was to fast.  

I don't claim to know just how fasting works, but I can tell you that, without a doubt, it shows Father God that you are serious, and He helps out in this process that I must say requires His intervention and power to make it happen.  

May God bless and guide you in your steps to a closer walk with Him than you have ever experienced.  

Yours eternally, Trev <):)

Why Everybody Needs Jesus

I got thinkin the other day as to who needs Jesus the most. 

At first, because of being a musician, I thought to myself; it must be us musicians because we have the most emotional ups and downs, and that these mood swings can be severe some days. 
This causes this group of folks to make decisions quickly, and according to their feelings. 
This group of folks need Jesus to provide stability of heart so that they are enabled by Jesus to discard their mood swings out of their decision making process. 

Then I got thinking about the stayed and steady folks, such as accountants, etc. They do not have near the highs and lows experienced by the creative group of folks. This presents its own reason for this group of folks needing Jesus. 
They possess a calculating mind. 
Their decision making process is based over a longer period of time. Decisions, when made, are solid and usually unswerving. 
Although many good decisions are made with this lack of impulsivity, bad decisions made can be life threatening. 
This group of people need Jesus to provide clarity of thought so that they are enabled by Jesus to discard negative factors while formulating their decisions.
Hence, everybody needs Jesus. :)

One thing I can truly say is that "I NEED JESUS every day. "

Trev :)

Kept By the Power of God

Some would trouble your hearts by telling you that you can lose your salvation.
If you are authentically saved, if you have sincerely repented of your sins and given your entire life to Jesus, so as to make Him Saviour AND LORD, then there is nothing of value to lose. Father God will not take your salvation away from you, and wait until you are good enough to earn it back again.
What it amounts to is this;
If you are born again, you probably need to remove yourself from the place(s) where you were accustomed to sinning, so that you are not tempted by the same bad habits, the same bad "friends," and the bad lifestyle that you have lived.
You need to find a mentor in another part of town, maybe in another town, who will help you follow Jesus with all your heart; a guy for the guys and a gal for the gals.

Keep in touch, and I will pray for you.
Trev :)