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(Verse 1)
As an angel of the Lord was sent, while You were on the earth
To stir the waters for the sick and lame
How I wish that You would come today, and heal my wounded heart
To stir the healing waters for me Lord, heal me Lord

(Chorus 1)
Won't You stir the waters of my heart, and heal my brokeness
Many people they have pushed and shoved, and kept me from the pool
How I need You more than ever Lord I pray
To come and stir the waters of my heart

(Verse 2)
Lord I know Your Word is true today, as it was back then
How You still care for the sick and lame
You see the aching in my heart, I need You here today
To stir the healing waters for me Lord; heal me Lord

(Verse 3)
I have made the choice within my heart, to step into the pool
Resolved today, that I will be made whole
I am waiting for the stirring of the water to begin
So that I may step into the healing pool, heal me Lord

I know that I was meant for more than what I am today
Blind, bruised, and beaten by the crowds that trampled me
I'm waiting for Your sweet command, that sets the captives free
The one that is compelling me, to take my bed and walk