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  1. At the Junction
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(Verse 1)
At the junction of 83 and highway #1
Where north and south meets east and west
lies a cozy village, where life is good; at the junction
People struck it rich, with oil in the ground
Crops grew well, from that same ground
Every now and the, the bad guys came to the junction

At the junction, life was good, at the junction, if you wanted it to be
At the junction, good met bad at the junction
There's no place I'd rather be than living, laughing, loving at the junction

(Verse 2)
The rail line stopped there, in 1883
Built then to house the construction crews
Settlers came, from all around, to the junction
First made known as the "Little Tree Town"
Then the oil capital of Manitoba
Look how prosperous it has become, at the junction

(Verse 3)
Times were sweet, at least they used to be
Soaking in the sun; all my friends and me
'Till one night; shots rang out at the junction
Dennis Onofrey, a trooper tried and true
Gunned down cruelly on a cold avenue
Folks would never quite be the same, at the junction