I was granted permission from a fella by the name of Douglas MacKenzie to produce my rendition of this hymn that was written by his grandfather, Andrew MacKenzie; who lived in Nova Scotia.


O God above, Who rulest earth and heaven
Look down on us; Thy children here below
Keep us from harm; we ask our sins forgiven
Show us the way that Thou wouldest have us go

And when we sin, Lord turn us from our sinning
Grant us Thy grace to seek Thy way anew
And hold us always in Thy care and keeping
And day by day dear Lord our faith i Thee renew

Dear Lord of all we feel we are unworthy
To ask Thy blessings from Thy gracious hands
Still trusting ever in Thy bounteous mercy
We now beseech Thee; bless our native land

But not ourselves alone dear Lord we pray for
But for all peoples where e'er they be
Grant them Thy peace that passeth understanding
Thy peace Thou promised all who truly follow Thee

For peace Thou promised all who follow hee

Amen, amen, a - men